3 Pests That Can Plague Your Office

When you hear the term “pest,” you might think of food service; cockroaches, rodents, bugs. The fact of the matter is, pests don’t just harm the food service industry. In your office environment, you may encounter dozens of pests in your lifetime.

Here are the most common pests that might plague your office.


When the weather takes a turn, so too does the direction of spiders in your area — and they lead right to your office. Spiders are great because they kill a bunch of smaller bugs. They’re like a miniature commercial pest control service all on their own.

However, your coworkers and employees might not think so. When too many spiders invade your office space, you should call commercial pest control services right away, especially if your office is nearby wooded areas. It’s estimated that around one million spiders will live on one acre of land, but in tropical areas, up to three million spiders can live on one acre. Poisonous spiders should be handled by professional extermination services to prevent injury and ensure no spiders are left behind.

Bed bugs

Even though your office probably doesn’t have a bed, that doesn’t mean bed bugs aren’t taking up residence in your place of work. Bed bugs are associated with beds, but that’s only because they feed on preying victims while they remain stationary; usually in bed. Bed bugs actually live in the nooks and crannies of wooden furniture, in electrical sockets, and even the cracks in your walls and floors.

Though they usually aren’t an immediate health risk, bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. If you have bed bugs in your office, you need to hire an extermination service stat to ensure your office is a safe place to work.


Every building and business is susceptible to this pesky pest. Cockroaches are found anywhere there is water and food, two things your office likely has. Between kitchen cooking, garbage, and surrounding restaurants, any office might experience a cockroach infestation. To get rid of them, hire commercial pest control services to eradicate their presence and keep your business on track.

Pests aren’t a one industry issue: countless pests invade thousands of businesses each year. When you need quick and efficient pest control services, call D and R Pest Control for the best extermination services near you.

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