4 Simple Tips for a Smooth Employee Relocation Process

Relocation management

Employee relocation is a common occurrence in the United States. In fact, approximately 40 million corporate moves happen each year. Among those moves, over 35% of those between the ages of 20 and 24 relocate each year; and almost 31% percent for those between the ages of 25 and 29. When relocation is done for an individuals career, it is a process that is usually administered by human resources specialists within a corporation or outsourced to different types of service providers. For example, when a company is relocating, they typically give their employees two or more weeks to make a decision, and usually include a typical relocation package to assist in the move. A typical relocation package can include the company covering the costs of moving, or paying for a hotel while the employee searches for a new home or apartment. For those without the luxury of a corporate relocation package, here are a few tips to help their relocation transition a smooth process.

1) Organization is key. Much of the stress and anxiety that occurs during a big move is due to managing all of the necessary tasks that need to be completed within a move. Be organized by keeping to-do lists for many aspects of the moves including things that you need to bring, tasks that you need to complete, etc.

2) Research your new environment before you move. Take some time to get to know the new location, look online for available housing options, and find out some of the fun things to do in the area. Most of all, research neighborhoods in the new location so that you can find one that best suits your lifestyle.

3) Don’t make any long-term commitments. It’s a good idea to rent your first home in a new environment in order to get settled into the new location. If you end up not liking the area, it will be beneficial to not have any long term commitments such as a mortgage holding you back from moving again.

4) Ask for a typical relocation package. Even if your company doesn’t usually offer relocation assistance, see if there’s any exceptions. Research moving costs so you can present your employer with a detailed estimate of your relocation expenses. If your employer values you as apart of their organization, they may help by providing some sort of financial assistance.

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