4 Types of St Petersburg vinyl fence

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If you are in the market for the right fence for your home, there are many types of Tampa fences that you can choose from. Your choice of type of fence as well as Tampa fence companies will ensure that you will have a fence that will meet your needs in terms of security, aesthetics and other purposes. So here are three of the most important fence buying tips. These will also help you find the right fence company, as well as the type of material for your fence.

First, there are different types of fences, the most common ones are wood fence, chain link fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence and wrought iron fence. Comparing the different fence Tampa materials, when it comes to durability, vinyl fencing St Petersburg, aluminum and wrought iron last a lifetime. Wood lasts for 20 years while chain link lasts for 30 years. When it comes to maintenance, vinyl fence tampa requires only washing, the same with aluminum. Wrought iron requires washing and then painting at least every fifteen years. Wood requires sealing every year and chain link requires painting after twenty years. When it comes to the cost, chain link, wood and vinyl fencing St Petersburg are the cheapest while aluminum and wrought iron are the most expensive. When it comes to the security they offer, vinyl fencing St Petersburg offer medium to high level of security, the same with chain link. Wood, aluminum and wrought iron offers medium level of security. When it comes to the privacy, vinyl fencing St Petersburg offers semi to full privacy. Wood and chain link offers semi to partial privacy while wrought iron and aluminum offers semi privacy. Comparing all these fencing qualities or characteristics, vinyl fencing St Petersburg is the best option for residential application.

Vinyl fencing St Petersburg is generally made from PVC plastic. They are highly durable and can endure extreme weather conditions. They are also very resistant to scratches and do not fade. Advances in vinyl technology has also made vinyl resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. During the 80s vinyl becomes brittle over time. Today vinyl is significantly stronger. It does not become brittle and does not crack over time. For your fence, there are different designs that you can choose from. The most common ones are the picket fence, solid panel fence, three rail or post fence and the lattice top. Old picket fences used to be made from wood and then painted white. Today, vinyl picket fences offer the same appearance but are highly durable. Solid panel offers high protection and privacy. These are most commonly used in pool areas. Three rail or post rail fences are commonly used in large tract of land. Usually you can find this in farms where the animals are kept inside to roam around.

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