Create the Best Bathroom For Your Handicapped Loved One

Handicap bathroom phoenix

There are many reasons why people decide to remodel their bathroom. In some cases, the house could be extremely old, and in need of updated plumbing and fixtures. Other people might want to remodel their entire house for stylistic reasons. But, in many homes, people remodel their bathroom to make them handicap accessible. Whether they have an elderly parent or grandparent with them, or they need assistance themselves, many people invest in bathroom remodeling companies to provide them with easier access to the toilet, the sink, and the bathtub.

Installing a handicap bathroom involves several different components, because there are many things to keep in mind. If a person uses a wheelchair or walker, the room must be big enough to allow for the 60 inch turning radius of either of these two assistive devices. Once inside the bathroom, the person has to be able to move from one area of the room to another, which can be a major challenge in traditional bathrooms. In a handicap bathroom, the sinks can be lowered to help a person reach the countertop, and the same can be done with the bathtub. Many handicapped bathrooms have larger tubs that contain a lowered front entrance to accommodate people who are unable to climb over a ledge. Even though the toilets can be lowered for the same reasons, they cannot be installed any lower than 17 inches from the ground in order to meet accessibility codes.

With these ideas for bathroom remodeling in mind, you can approach bathroom remodeling companies. They will work with you to draw up bathroom remodeling designs that you can choose from. You can customize the sink, the toilet, and the tub, as well as how large you want the bathroom to be. In addition to the 62 percent return on investment the average bathroom remodel provides, handicap bathrooms greatly improve the quality of the life within your home for you or your loved one. Access to a bathroom is an essential part of a person’s daily routine to shower, brush and use the toilet. Being able to provide yourself or your loved one that comfort might cost you more money than you want to pay, but it will be worth the money.


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