Designing the Best Storage Needs for Your Family

Custom wood home bars

Have you every moved into a home or a rental property and wished you could change some things about the storage space availability? Storage is an important part of any home, but it is often not a priority in people’s home buying searches. They often focus, instead, on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or the square footage of the home. The amount of storage space is often an afterthought, when all of your stuff is moved in, and you are attempting to find a place for all of it. It is possible that the bathroom doesn’t have enough cabinets to store your personal items. The kitchen may not have enough counter space or cupboard space to hold all of your dishes and cooking tools.

Fortunately, homeowners and property owners have the ability to renovate a home’s space to better serve your specific needs. If you need more storage space, you can design your room to have it. The best custom cabinets are ones that provide you and your family with your storage requirements.

Custom cabinetry allows you to design and specify not only the type and the color of the cabinets to replace your old ones, but also how much cabinetry is needed for storage. Custom bathroom vanities allow you to choose how much counter space is needed. Some people prefer more counter space, in lieu of off the counter cabinet space. There are an estimated 8,336 vanity and cabinet businesses currently located in the United States. Some of these companies may offer the best custom cabinets for your specific needs, while others may not be able to customize storage spaces. They may only be able to install already purchased and made cabinets in place of where your older ones were at. A consultation is an important part in obtaining the best custom cabinets, whether it be for your bathroom cabinets or your kitchen cabinets.

The cost of replacing older cabinets in the kitchen or in the bathroom will vary on a lot of factors. The type of material that is used will affect the price. Higher quality materials will be more costly. Bathroom cabinets that are made of lower quality will be cheaper, but they will not be as reliable, will not last as long and will not return as much investment.
According to the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, the cost of a minor kitchen remodel is, on average, $19,226 (that includes labor and new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, counter tops, flooring and appliances). Other features may also cost more. For example, over 16% of respondents in a 2013 Houzz survey prefer cabinets that incorporate appliances. The best custom cabinets will depend on what fits you and your family?s specific needs.

Storage is an important part of any home. It allows you to keep your home clean and organized, while still being able to hold onto important things. It also keeps everyday necessities out of view and off of the counters. Custom cabinets allow homeowners to customize their storage needs that fit them and their family. The price will depend on the type of cabinets used, the complexity of the job and if they are complicated designs or not.

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