DIY Home Decorator Extraordinaire

How to projects

I recently moved across country and bought my first home with my new husband. Since we have no friends in this city, and since our new home was not decorated to our taste, lately all of my free time has gone into DIY home decorating projects. I am constantly reading blogs on do it yourself home projects, DIY home decorating. I have become obsessed I watch all the DIY network shows and I am on a first name basis with staff at Lowes Home Improvement stores.

If I am not at Lowes, then I am at Home Depot. My husband now asks if I will ever step away from my Home Depot projects and maybe hang out with him. To which I reply that if he hopped on the bandwagon and did his own Home Depot projects, or perhaps helped me with my Home Depot projects, then the work would get done faster, our new home would be perfect sooner, and we might be able to go out into the world and make some new friends in our new town. But right now, I just cannot pull myself away from my Home Depot projects as I am unsettled knowing how much there is I want to do to our home.

The first of my Home depot projects was shelving. I found two free wooden ladders online and decided to make shelved out of them. I bought some sturdy plywood and put is between the steps of the two ladders, nailed it down. painted and lacquered it, and voila! I had a unique, attractive and much needed new set of bookshelves.

My next Home Depot project was a makeup board. I bought a piece of metal and glued some pretty fabric on it. Then I fitted it in an old recycled frame. The next step was gluing my makeup to magnets. Now, my makeup is handing on the wall, organized and cute as cute can be. I recommended finding your own Home Depot projects to do around the house. It is so much more personal than just buying expensive stuff to find a place for!

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