Don’t Pull a Tom Sawyer — Hire a Paint Contractor to Get the Job Done!

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Have you been unhappy with the way your home or outbuildings look recently? Have you been thinking about putting a new coat of paint on everything? If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the amount of painting facing you, consider get in touch with a painting contractor. They can help with both exterior painting services and interior painting services. For exterior jobs, they may even offer sandblasting services to get the perfect, smooth coat on your home. Experienced commercial painters are sure to get the job done quicker and at a higher quality than you (or some friends) could and will be worth the money. Plus, you’ll save yourself an immense amount of time and energy setting up, painting, and cleaning up. A paint contractor will also know the best time to paint, what kind of paint, primer, and finish should be used for the buildings you need painted, and other knowledge that you may not have access to or be aware of.
What Do My Options Look Like?
You should have plenty of variety to choose from and a good number of painting contractors in your area, since there are around 300,000 people who work as professional painters or painting contractors in the United States. Additionally, employment in this sector is actually expected to increase by 20% between 2012 and 2022 — this is faster than the average increase across all occupations!
What Will a Painting Contractor Take Care Of?
In some cases, a painting contractor may actually own his or her own company and hire employees to do the actual painting. On the other hand, a painting contractor may do the work him or herself with a few extra people helping. Common services include interior and exterior painting, prepping surfaces for the final paint job, putting up wallpaper, or varnishing or otherwise treating floors. In order to increase business, it’s not uncommon for painting contractors to dabble in other related business areas, like working on interior walls, floors, or ceilings.
What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Painting Contractor Instead of Doing It Yourself?
If you’re doing a big exterior paint job, you’re looking at days and maybe even weeks of going up and down ladders, juggling paint cans, working in the sun or other elements, and that’s not even counting the prep work beforehand! Hiring a professional will let you sit back and enjoy the results at the end, without having to lift a finger yourself to help. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your own safety up on a ladder with things in your hands — most painters come with some kind of insurance while on the job and know what safety precautions they should be taking.
Moreover, your paint job will be pristine and professionally handled. The pros know tips and tricks that will make the job go much smoother. For example, you shouldn’t paint when the temperature is under 60 degrees or above 90 degrees for the optimal drying time and glossier paints tend to be more stain-resistant and easy to scrub. Acrylic-latex caulk that’s paintable is great for filling gaps and reducing drafts — and it can make your trim look even better than when it was first painted! A paint contractor will know these little jewels of information and be able to apply them to your home.
What Should I Look For in a Paint Contractor?
You definitely want to make sure he or she is offering the services you need. Don’t be afraid to talk to a few different contractors and compare their range of services and their quotes. They should have appropriate licensing and offer you a price estimate. This is also a good time to ask about what prep work they do or what they expect to find when they come into the job. You want a well-established and trustworthy contractor to get the job done right.
Save yourself time, hassle, and know-how when you hire a professional contractor. You’ll get your surfaces painted efficiently and well and just have to worry about signing a check at the end. Keep it simple when you hire a paint contractor.

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