Modern Comforts How to Ensure That Your Air Conditioner Survives This Summer

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Our homes are meant to protect us from the elements and provide a place of comfort; this is achieved in no small part through modern heating and air conditioning. We are literally able to create a climate within our own homes that is customized according to the homeowner’s comfort zone. Although today modern heating and cooling may be taken for granted, those who have spent a summer without air conditioning will know the value of a properly maintained air conditioner!

Reducing Energy Consumption

Air conditioning is relatively expensive in terms of energy costs. Since two out of every three homes in the United States has at least one air conditioner, it is not hard to believe that air conditioners alone use around 5% of all electricity produced in the United States at an annual cost of over $11 billion to homeowners. Naturally, everyone would like to save money on their monthly bills; proper insulation, the installation of ceiling fans throughout one’s home, and optimal landscaping that makes use of shade are all great ways to reduce energy spending and ensure that strain is taken off of your air conditioning unit. In addition there are high-efficiency air conditioners which, when combined with other actions, can keep one’s whole home cool and reduce air conditioning energy use by as much as 50%.

Caring for Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is an investment that, when properly maintained, will be able to serve a household for many years before needing replacement. Unfortunately, only around 42% of households have their central air conditioning equipment serviced annually. Heating and cooling equipment alike become less efficient over time; by regularly changing filters and ensuring that outdoor vents have at least a foot of space on each side homeowners can help ensure that their air conditioners will maintain peek efficiency for as long as possible. Experts suggest having central air conditioners replaced if they are more than 15 years old as they may actually be costing homeowners additional fees on their cooling bill.

Professional Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Studies show that a majority of cooling losses are due to a combination of neglected maintenance and improper installation. Not only can this cost homeowners more on their monthly bills but air conditioners that do not operate properly or has broken parts can cause an excess of humidity in one’s home — this can encourage the growth of mold and other harmful substances. By ensuring that your air conditioning installation is done by a professional air conditioning company you can bypass many of the issues that plague homeowners with faulty air conditioning units. Moreover, scheduling regular air conditioning repair and maintenance likewise can extend the service life of your air conditioners. When it comes to your home comfort, don’t leave anything to chance — ensure that your heating and cooling is maintained by professionals to keep costs down and efficiency up.

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