Save Money With a DITY Move

How to calculate dity move military

It is a fact of military life that people will be moving frequently. It is this aspect of military life that often draws people into the life to begin with. A military move to an exotic location overseas to a place such as Germany, Japan or Hawaii is often one that coveted by many military families.

When it comes to military moving, many families chose a DITY move. With this type of move, it is possible to obtain a monetary assistance for the move but also to exercise a great deal of control over it as well. This same level of control is not really possible when it comes to moves orchestrated solely by the military.

With a DITY move, reimbursement of one hundred percent of the government constructive cost, or GCC, is available if service members use movers of their own choosing. If they choose a military dity move all on their own, reimbursement of 95 percent of the GCC is available. A DITY move can happen whether the military member is assigned a permanent change of station, or a PCS, a temporary duty, or a TDY or a temporary additional duty, or a TAD.

By using a DITY move calculator, a military member can easily determine the amounts of reimbursement. In most instances of a DITY move, expenses such as packing blankets, truck rental, furniture pads, trailer rental, hand truck rental and expenses for the rental truck, such as oil, tolls and gas are covered. It is important to note that a claim for DITY allowance is due within 45 days of a military move.

In order to reduce the stress of the move on everyone involved, including both civilians and the military members, it is important to plan as carefully as possible. This includes ensures that the correct DITY move procedures are followed. Check out this website for more:

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