Three Great Sources for DIY Info and Ideas

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We are men, and men want to fix things. If it needs taped, nailed, reinforced, or replaced, just let us get our tools and point us in the right direction. But even the handiest of men need advice from time to time. (Attention, men… this is NOT the same as asking for driving directions. Never EVER ask for driving directions.) Here are a few handy sources of info for the intrepid “fix it yourself” guy in every household.

1. “iFixit” This is a site devoted to online manuals and repair instructions. Members can submit tutorials on everything from car repair to replacing parts on your iPhone. Photos give a general outline and overview of each step, and written instructions are usually included with each pic. The quality of the instructions is generally good, though you may occasionally get an unclear batch of directions with fuzzy pictures. And all instructions can be edited by site visitors. Think of it as the Wikipedia of DIY home electronic repair.

2. “The Family Handyman” For DIY home projects and repairs, the Family Handyman offers a great selection of tips, tricks, projects, instructions, and money saving advice for DIYers. Even if you choose not to subscribe to the magazine, the website will provide you with plenty of timely and helpful articles to help you learn how to do it yourself, no matter what “it” is.

3. “The usual suspects…” Never disregard a solution just because it might be the most obvious. Large chain stores such as Lowes and Home Depot offer extensive DIY home improvement, repair, and installation tips, front and center on their respective home pages, organized by project, room, or general activity (painting, carpentry, plumbing, et al). Each store also offers several high quality hardcopy publications for a nearly every DIY situation you could think of.

We are men, and men want to fix things. We will drill, saw, shim, thread, paint, sand, and hammer our way to a smooth running home. All we need is a little push in the right direction.

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