Three of the Best Life Hacks Ever to Make Your Life Easier!

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I am a huge fan of Life Hacks. These are small DIY home projects that can help save you some time and some of your budget. There are tons of DYI networks out there with unique ideas ranging, like DIY decorating projects. Although, my favorite How to Do It Yourself projects are the ones that save me some hassle. You know, the little everyday things that get monotonous. Through my DYI network, I found ingenious ways to get around these.

Here for you are my three favorite life hacks culled from my own DYI network!

Use an old CD spindle as a Bagel tote!

This is one that you see on every DYI network, and has been around for years, but I still have to say that it is one of my favorites. Who would have thought that a bagel would fit so perfectly in there? It is like they were made for each other. And now, you have a free, reusable little thing to carry one of your favorite all time snacks in!

Use a carabiner to get all of your groceries in one trip.

This one is a particular favorite of mine. Living on the third floor of an apartment building made going back and forth between my car and kitchen a real hassle. But when I learned that you can take a carabiner, and latch all the handles of your plastic grocery bags to it and basically carry them all in one go, my year was made. This tip from my DYI network was my number one life hack last year (when I lived in that apartment).

Use non flavored, non scented floss to cut cakes, cheeses and other soft solids!

I know you could use a knife just as easily, but then the frosting on the cake gets all gunked up, or the cheese starts to crumble and everything just becomes a huge mess. But when I learned to use floss from my DYI network, I got a perfect cut every time.

There you have it folks! Hopefully you will find those three life hacks making your life just a little bit easier. If not, but you are still interested, then check some more tips and tricks out on other DYI networks! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share!

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