Why You Should Have Your Bathtub Refinished Instead of Replacing It

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Think of it as bathtub rehab. Bathtub repair and refinishing can take any old, chipped, discolored tub and restore its original shiny, smooth and clean surface. Bathtubs made of porcelain, steel, fiberglass or cultured marble can all be cleaned by a bathtub refinishing service. In fact, they can clean and refinish ceramic tiles as well. Bathtub cleaning and refinishing is an easy and low cost makeover for your bathroom, and a much better choice than replacing an old or discolored bathtub.

Why choose refinishing?
Why should you choose tub refinishing over buying a new tub? Buying a new tub and having it installed can be expensive, and inconvenient. Just maneuvering the old and new tubs through your house or apartment can be a major project. Bathtub refinishers will take only a few hours to repair and fix chips and cracks with Bondi or another kind of polyester putty, and then reglaze the surface.
Reglazing takes only about three to four hours, and it will cure in about 24 hours. And the end result will be well worth the short wait.

When should you get your bathtub refinished?
Old bathtubs get dirty and discolored. Cracks develop in the surface and the finish gets worn down by the harsh chemicals people use to clean their bathtubs. Cracks and chips can become a home for germs and mold. So that instead of enjoying a relaxing bath or energizing shower you see a dishearteningly dirty bathtub that defies all your efforts to clean it.
Refinishing and reglazing your bathtub restores its original, sleek look and makes your bathroom a pleasant retreat again. Refinished bathtubs are easier to keep clean. In fact, tub resurfacing will give your bathtub years and even decades of extra life. A properly reglazed bathtub can last for another ten years.

Do you have a bathtub with a unique design?
Another case when it refinishing is better than replacing is when you have a bathtub with a unique design or style. Your bathtub may be a claw-footed antique and you would love it if it wasn’t for all the unsightly chips and cracks, rust marks and the depressingly discolored enamel. However, bathtub refinishing services can give it a new, clean surface that will allow you to enjoy the romantic ambience it adds to your bathroom.

A bathtub refinishing service can either restore the original color of your bathtub or change the color according to your preference.

Bathtub refinishing services can clean and refinish bathroom tiles as well. They will fix or replace chipped and cracked ones, and clean or refinish them all to give your bathroom a pristine look. In fact bathtub and tile reglazing is a simple and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a makeover.

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