Your Home Isn’t Secure Until You Do These Three Things

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Depending on where you live, your house just might not be as secure as you think it is. You might have a security alarm system that will keep things safe from theft and invasion, but what about the other types of security? Are you secure against Mother Nature and escaping money? If not, there are three places where you could look to make changes that will boost your home’s security.

To add value to your home as well as security, start with your front door. If you live in a high-risk weather area, improving your front door will do wonders. What is your front door made of? Is it made of wood? It may look beautiful but how safe is it? Of all of the home improvement projects you could do, replacing your front door with a new steel door will give you a long term ROI of 98%. Installing a steel door on the front as well as bolstering your garage door with a sturdier metal option with precision roller bearings will up the safety factor immensely.

Next, check your windows. How safe are they? Will they hold up to severe weather when it breaks? If you live in the midwest and experience the tornadoes that blow through that part of the country, then you already know how quickly and with such force, the winds, rain, and hail can blow your windows right off of their precision roller bearings and into the next county. Impact resistant windows have been thoroughly tested to be able to withstand Category 5 wind conditions. That means they are designed to withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour.

Also, protect your home from not just the weather damage but the weather theft. Your homes inability to retain its heat or air-conditioning is costing you way more money than you probably realize. Something as simple as installing window awnings can reduce the solar heat gain by up to 65% in the summer on the south facing windows and up to 77% on the windows that face west.

Making small changes and improvements to your home like replacing the front door, installing new windows, and attaching new awnings can protect you from Mother Nature in more ways than one.

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