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5 Important Things to Understand When Taking Care of Trees

Written by Projects To Do At Home on September 7, 2016. Posted in Alexandria tree service, Dc tree removal, Fairfax tree service

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If you have recently planted a tree with in the past three years then there are certain things that need to be done in order to make sure that the tree can reach its full potential. If not properly maintained and taken care of, trees can often succumb to disease and death because of pests and lack of water and food. Here are a few things that you should do in order to ensure tree care. Should you opt to use tree services then this is what they will do, otherwise this is what you do.

Make sure that your tree is getting at least 25 gallons of water a week. This is about equal to an inch and a half of rainfall. However, do you want to make sure that you are preventing wasteful run off as well. You can do this by turning on the hose to low and letting it rest at the base of th

Don’t Pull a Tom Sawyer — Hire a Paint Contractor to Get the Job Done!

Written by Projects To Do At Home on August 25, 2016. Posted in Painting contractors in wilmington delaware, Painting contractors wilmington de, Sandblaster

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Have you been unhappy with the way your home or outbuildings look recently? Have you been thinking about putting a new coat of paint on everything? If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the amount of painting facing you, consider get in touch with a painting contractor. They can help with both exterior painting services and interior painting services. For exterior jobs, they may even offer sandblasting services to get the perfect, smooth coat on your home. Experienced commercial painters are sure to get the job done quicker and at a higher quality than you (or some friends) could and will be worth the money. Plus, you’ll save yourself an immense amount of time and energy setting up, paint

Family Friendly Lawn Care Products Protect Children, Pets, and the Environment

Written by Projects To Do At Home on August 24, 2016. Posted in Environmentally friendly lawn care, Organic lawn care glen ellyn, Safe lawn care

Dog friendly lawn care

What does our yard say about you?
When neighbors drive by your house do they see a well kept yard that indicates a homeowner who values both the house and the property? When people new to the neighborhood drive through does your house give the impression of the best kept home in the neighborhood?
Some call it curb appeal, some call it pride, but a well kept yard and home make a great first impression. With the size and details of many of today’s homes, however, making that great first impression is a little more complicated than simply mowing the yard once a week.
ECO Friendly Lawn Care Supplies Produce a Yard That Is Attractive and Save for Children and Pets
Whether you decide to do your own lawn maintenance or hire someone else to maintain it, one of the latest trends

The Cost of Maintaining Your Home How to Save on Your Energy Bill

Written by Projects To Do At Home on July 15, 2016. Posted in Energy star furnace, Plumbing services in duluth, Purchase a tankless water heater

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Our lives have changed drastically over the last few centuries as the comforts of modern life have shifted the goal of human existence from surviving towards thriving. Indoor plumbing, automobiles, and modern cooling and heating services solve many of the issues faced by our ancestors; by the same token however we are now faced with a plethora of new issues that principally take the form of maintenance in order to keep these conveniences afloat. Here are some facts on air conditioners, water heaters, and furnaces that every homeowner should know in order to keep their home comfortable and well-maintained year-round.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a modern convenience that many peopl

How to Effectively Decorate Your Home Modernly

Written by Projects To Do At Home on July 15, 2016. Posted in Contemporary furniture, Dellarobbia furniture va, Where can i buy modern furniture

Designer contemporary furniture

Part of the fun of owning a home is having the ability to decorate and furnish it. Most people dream about what the inside of their future homes will look like, not the outside. This is why so many people spend hours and hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like painting, decorating and furnishing. There are really endless options of furnishings when it comes to furniture. Those who prefer more contemporary and modern looks will find pleasure in modern furniture, while those who prefer timeless and historic looks will opt for more historic pieces of furniture. However, modern furniture seems to be the trend today and one of the most popular furniture choices for a home.

Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through today that is influence

Why You Should Have Your Bathtub Refinished Instead of Replacing It

Written by Projects To Do At Home on July 13, 2016. Posted in Tile installation cost, Tile installation estimate, Tub resurfacing

Grout inconsistencies

Think of it as bathtub rehab. Bathtub repair and refinishing can take any old, chipped, discolored tub and restore its original shiny, smooth and clean surface. Bathtubs made of porcelain, steel, fiberglass or cultured marble can all be cleaned by a bathtub refinishing service. In fact, they can clean and refinish ceramic tiles as well. Bathtub cleaning and refinishing is an easy and low cost makeover for your bathroom, and a much better choice than replacing an old or discolored bathtub.

Why choose refinishing?
Why should you choose tub refinishing over buying a new tub? Buying a new tub and having it installed can be expensive, and inconvenient

How Can a Residential Lighting Contractor Help Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency?

Written by Projects To Do At Home on June 23, 2016. Posted in Home energy efficiency, Lighting contractor, When to call a professional electrician

Residential electrical repairs

When it comes to electrical systems, safety and home energy efficiency are the two most important concerns. Regular inspections that keeps the electrical wiring in good repair can help to address both of these issues. Residential electrical contractors have a great deal of knowledge and experience of both safety and home energy efficiency. When residential electrical repairs become necessary, they should always be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Electrical safety saves lives
When it comes to structure fires, a faulty wiring system is often the culprit. In fact, property damage due to electrical fires is estimated to be $1.5 billion in annually.

How You Can Have An Eco-Friendly Roof

Written by Projects To Do At Home on June 2, 2016. Posted in Residential solar, Roofs for houses, Solar chattanooga

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In this day and age, we undoubtedly hold a sort of responsibility to the environment. Unless we take care of the Earth, it won’t be around for forever. Even right now, there are signs of climate change in the air. Some seasons have felt hotter than they should have been, and others warmer. But even without the tangible proof of these changes, we know that they’re happening due to scientific research. And we know that unless serious positive changes are made, they’ll continue to happen You can contribute to fighting climate change in surprisingly small ways. Something as minor as using less water can produce a really positive impact. But one way in which you can be eco-friendly is something you might even know about. It doesn’t involve spending a lot of money or going out of your way to do som

Getting Real About Real Estate for Sale Why Staging a Property is Probably Way More Important Than You Think

Written by Projects To Do At Home on May 26, 2016. Posted in Condos, Outer banks nc real estate, Outer banks real estate trulia

Outer banks real estate trulia

At one point in time or another everyone has been told not judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately under some circumstances — this is nearly impossible to do, because humans are, by their very nature, highly visual beings. People can’t help but looking at and judging things that are catch their eyes, whether it’s for better or for worse! So when it comes to real estate for sale, it’s important for realtors to be aware of this in order to stage the property in the best, and most enticing way possible.

Although the real estate market has done a good job of recovering since it was dealt such devastating blows during the Great Recession, realto

What You Can Do to Keep Your Terrazzo Tile Looking Great

Written by Projects To Do At Home on May 15, 2016. Posted in Marble cleaning tampa, Marble polishing tampa

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Terrazzo flooring is a versatile and pretty material. Its usage dates back at least 1500 years. It is also a very environmentally friendly flooring material. Some terrazzo flooring includes recycled glass aggregate. It can include as much as 75% recycled raw material. That is measured by volume. Terrazzo flooring is a great looking option for your home and can last a long time but it does need a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep it looking great. There are specific ways you should go about terrazzo tile cleaning. Here are some tips from terrazzo restoration and polishing experts.

  1. Make sure your floors are completely clean before you polish. Your terrazzo floors need to be totally clean and dry before you start to polish them. What you need to do is take a cle