What You Can Do to Keep Your Terrazzo Tile Looking Great

Written by Projects To Do At Home on May 15, 2016. Posted in Marble cleaning tampa, Marble polishing tampa

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Terrazzo flooring is a versatile and pretty material. Its usage dates back at least 1500 years. It is also a very environmentally friendly flooring material. Some terrazzo flooring includes recycled glass aggregate. It can include as much as 75% recycled raw material. That is measured by volume. Terrazzo flooring is a great looking option for your home and can last a long time but it does need a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep it looking great. There are specific ways you should go about terrazzo tile cleaning. Here are some tips from terrazzo restoration and polishing experts.

  1. Make sure your floors are completely clean before you polish. Your terrazzo floors need to be totally clean and dry before you start to polish them. What you need to do is take a cle