Can the Windows in Your Home Save You Money? The Answer May Surprise You!

Custom steel windows

In the average home, up to 20% of heat loss occurs through the windows. Windows are naturally thinner than walls, but that doesn’t mean they should cost you money in energy bills! In fact, your windows should help you save money during all times of the year.

By replacing your standard windows with Energy Star certified windows, you could save anywhere from $100-$460 annually. While the double glass pane can help save a lot of money, there are other window options for you to explore as well. Metal window manufacturers specialize in making windows that are not only the most secure you may ever buy, but also some of the most energy efficient.

Looking for metal window manufacturers is simple, too! Odds are, if you visit your local hardware store and ask around, someone will be able to direct you to a manufacturer who can provide you with steel framed windows that will last a lifetime. Why steel framed windows and doors? Turns out, these frames can last a lifetime, and they possess other security features for your home as well.

Metal window manufacturers can also specialize in fire rated windows and doors. What this means is that the doors or windows installed in your home, if flame rated, are designed with the possibility of a home fire in mind. These windows and doors can’t necessarily prevent fires, but they are designed to help prevent fires from spreading and causing more damage to your home. In 2013, an average of one home structure fire was reported every 85 seconds. Can you imagine the cost of the damage inflicted on all of those homes? With fire rated windows and doors, the damage can be contained and often minimized.

Choosing windows and doors for a new home may seem like a tiresome or boring task, but in reality it’s one of the most important steps in the process. Not only do you want your home to be secure, you want it to be as energy efficient as possible, and keep some money in your pocket! So don’t knock it until you try it, and research your metal window and door options today.

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