Coupons Take the Stress Out of Moving, but Leave the Money

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Hiring a moving company to help you take care of your packing and moving can take a lot of the stress out of a long, interstate move. It can also take a lot of money out of your pocket. Thankfully, many moving companies have mover coupons that give you a discount on their services. One might give you 100 free miles if you hire them for a 500 mile move, or moving coupons that give you a free dolly rental if you buy so many boxes. Little things, that really add up, especially when they are free.

Other moving companies have mover promocodes, which act like online moving coupons. These moving coupons generally give you money off of your total invoice, but the offers could range from, say, 20 percent off any total over $400, or 100 free boxes when you make you order. Again, these seem like little things before you move, but I have found that the little things are invaluable when you are going through something as stressful and tiring as a long distance move.

If you want to know what moving companies near you offer moving coupons or promocodes, a web search for “move coupons” will bring up the sites of the companies that offer moving coupons, as well as sites that collect promocodes for people to search for and use. There are also web tools that will automatically try to find the best promocodes for what you are buying.

Like I said, the discounts and savings you get from using moving coupons might not seem like that much at first, though there are many that are very, very generous, but the small things add up very fast. You might be thinking “Oh, I have no real use for a dolly, I can just carry everything,” but anyone who has tried to move furniture with that attitude knows the benefit of something small like that.

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