Preventing Chimney Fires with a Chimney Sweep

Long island chimney sweep

A fireplace might be ideal for heating up a home or room on a cold winter day, but very people realize just how dangerous a fireplace can be. Every year, chimney fires cause over 23 million dollars in damage to homes all across the United States. A chimney sweep Long Island company can help prevent those fires.

Hiring a chimney sweep long island company to clean your chimney can help keep your home and your values protected from a dangerous chimney fire. And who knows, a bride might see one and have good luck on her wedding day!

Chimney fires are caused by the buildup of creosote. Creosote is a high flammable and combustible residue that builds up in the chimney. Every time you use the fireplace creosote residue sticks to the side of the chimney. Over time that residue becomes unstable and can eventually catch on fire.

A chimney sweet Long Island company can be hired to help clean out the chimney in your house. It is very similar to what a duct cleaning Long Island company does, but only with a chimney and not a heating vent. These chimney sweep Long Island companies will use brushes, vacuums, and other modern tools to help keep the chimney clean and free of creosote.

A chimney cleaning Long Island company can do more than just clean your chimneys and remove creosote residue. Some chimney sweet Long Island companies also double as a chimney repair service. Damaged chimneys can also be a leading cause of chimney fires. If the chimney collapses inside it can cause smoke from the fire to build up and catch the house or chimney on fire.

A Long Island chimney repair service will take the time to assess the design of your chimney. They will make sure that the chimney doesn’t have any cracks or other types of damage to the structure. This is often done by moving a small camera up the chimney to look for cracks.

Some of the services offered by a chimney sweep Long Island company that doubles as a repair service include flue repair, crown repair, and rebuilding of the masonry surrounding the chimney. Other services a chimney sweep Long Island company offer may be similar to a duct cleaning new york company. However, not all chimney sweep Long Island companies conduct duct cleaning.
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