Saving Money And Water With Experienced Plumbing Services

Sewer and drain service

If you ever took a chemistry class, you may have wondered why the periodic symbol for lead is Pb. It actually comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum. And since the first water pipes were often made of lead, it is also the source of the word plumbing. Pipes are no longer made of lead and Ozzy Osbourne has long since given up being a plumbing apprentice, but it does not change the fact that as long as we have running water, there is the potential for pipe and drain troubles.

If you are having trouble with your plumbing San Diego residents have a number of choices for plumber service. One common dilemma is leaky pipes. One dripping faucet can fill an eight ounce glass in just 15 minutes. If not fixed, that can turn into 180 gallons a month and 2,160 gallons in a year. That is a lot of wasted water. By hiring a plumber san diego can save themselves money in wasted water and be more eco friendly. Troubles with hot water can be common too. There are roughly 326 million trillion gallons of water on the planet, but every year the average home wastes nearly 10,00 gallons while running the faucet and waiting for hot water to flow. Through properly maintained plumbing San Diego folks may be able to help their systems be more efficient to reduce consumption and save money.

Some plumbing San Diego based companies provide commercial services as well such as sewer and drain service and sewer line replacement. An experienced, well qualified company may be able to help get these services performed in a way that is effective and cost efficient while trying to minimize any inconvenience they may create to residents and businesses in the area. Whether your plumbing San Diego needs are commercial or residential, a qualified plumber can help save money and waste.


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