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Your Home Isn’t Secure Until You Do These Three Things

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Depending on where you live, your house just might not be as secure as you think it is. You might have a security alarm system that will keep things safe from theft and invasion, but what about the other types of security? Are you secure against Mother Nature and escaping money? If not, there are three places where you could look to make changes that will boost your home’s security.

To add value to your home as well as security, start with your front door. If you live in a high-risk weather area, improving your front door will do wonders. What is your front door made of? Is it made of wood? It may look beautiful but how safe is it? Of all of the home improvement projects you could do, replacing your front door with a new steel door will give you a long term ROI of 98%. Installing a steel door on the f

The Cooling Secret That Can Save You Money This Summer

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With the weather warming up it time to start thinking about your indoor air conditioning. There is nothing better than a nice chilly house when the mercury starts rising, but did you know that your windows could be costing you a fortune? Even if you have a top of the line air conditioning system, old, energy inefficient windows can make your home uncomfortable during the warmer parts of the year. While many people spend endless amounts of money patching together old windows with duct tape or window repair parts, sometimes the best option is to upgrade. If your windows are rickety, drafty or not clo

Modern Comforts How to Ensure That Your Air Conditioner Survives This Summer

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Our homes are meant to protect us from the elements and provide a place of comfort; this is achieved in no small part through modern heating and air conditioning. We are literally able to create a climate within our own homes that is customized according to the homeowner’s comfort zone. Although today modern heating and cooling may be taken for granted, those who have spent a summer without air conditioning will know the value of a properly maintained air conditioner!

Reducing Energy Consumption

Air conditioning is relatively expensive in terms of energy costs. Since two out of ev

Designing the Best Storage Needs for Your Family

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Have you every moved into a home or a rental property and wished you could change some things about the storage space availability? Storage is an important part of any home, but it is often not a priority in people’s home buying searches. They often focus, instead, on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or the square footage of the home. The amount of storage space is often an afterthought, when all of your stuff is moved in, and you are attempting to find a place for all of it. It is possible that the bathroom doesn’t have enough cabinets to store your personal items. The kitchen may not have enough counter space or cupboard space to hold all of your dishes and cooking tools.

Fortunately, homeowners and property owners have the ability to renovate a home’s space to better serve your specific needs.

Trying To Find The Right Hose For Camping, Traveling Or Yard Work?

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all weather durabilityDo you find yourself frequently traveling across the country? Do you love to join up with your family and friends on road trips or boating adventures? Or are you just someone looking for the latest in simple gardening technology? From vacationing to watering plants, it seems everybody has a use for commercial water hoses. These incredibly versatile tools are necessary to ensure you’re receiving clean water, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, alongside distributing it in an efficient manner. However, not every heavy duty garden hose is made the same! When it comes to additional factors like all weather durability or temperature management, some lead the pack while others fall to the wayside.

What Are Hoses Used For?
Industrial water hoses are used for a wide variety of purposes. They can be transported with a boat or RV to clean off stubborn mud, insects and stains. They can be brought on camping trips to give everyone access to clean water, whether for drinking or washing off the daily grime. Yet more are used for the average home gardener, to better give plants and flowers the moisture they need to thrive. The right hose for the job requires a little knowledge on different nozzles, pressure types and additional factors such as temperature maintenance and all weather durability. If you’re keen on maintaining your outdoor landscaping, you’ll want to seek out the most varied of garden hoses.

Which Hose Is Best For Landscaping?
If you need to maintain your lawn or keep your garden sparkling, finding a quality hose with a variety of nozzles will help mightily in all things greenery. Recent studies have found a whopping 100 million people in the United States gardening in the past 12 months, which is nothing to say of general shrubbery and lawn maintenance! Experts say the optimum amount of lawn watering is around one inch per watering session, with a little over half a gallon per square foot. Your soaker hose should not be more than 100 feet long and, if you’re looking for nozzles or sprinklers, try to find one with a burst pressure above 350 PSI. The hose should feel light and easy to handle, since landscaping is difficult enough as it is!

Which Hose Is Best For Travel?
Now how about when you’re out on the open road? You’ll want a portable hose, preferably with all weather durability so its functionality can remain constant in the extreme seasons. Some hoses are equipped with temperature monitors, to better let you know when frost may be clogging its inner workings. Before you head out on that camping or boating trip, make sure to purchase a hose that’s certified for potable water — these generally come in colors of blue and white as well as lengths of 10 to 50 feet. Contrary to popular belief, drinking water from a hose doesn’t have to be dirty — it all depends on the quality of the hose, as well as the filter, you’re using.

How Do I Find The Hose That’s Right For Me?
Answering a few questions right off the bat will help mightily in finding the ideal hose. A good garden hose can last anywhere from five to 10 years and many people find their portable hoses and nozzles providing them with the comfort and reliability they need no matter the situation. Your typical garden and utility hose diameters will range from 1/2 of an inch to 3/4ths of an inch and the material should feel both firm and flexible. Hoses for travel should be pre-equipped with necessary temperature features, all weather durability and a warranty should anything go amiss. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your local greenhouse grower or supply store! Now that you’ve done your homework, which hose will become a part of your lifestyle today?

Cost-Effective, Efficient Cooling for Your Home — Buying the Right AC Unit and Regular Air Conditioner Service

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Apart from the basic amenities at home like electricity and running water, most families expect a few more things as part of their daily home life. Basic creature comforts are now considered to be a necessity by many, and a large number of homes in America now have some kind of heating and cooling systems installed. In fact, cooling has developed into such a priority in the country over time that at present, about two-thirds of all residences in America are currently fitted with air conditioning machines.

Air conditioners fulfil a very important purpose — they cool down your home by bringing down the ambient temperature of your interiors to comfortable levels. This is no more considered to be a luxury, but rather a household staple, espec

How to Keep Your Basement Water Proof

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When I was a kid, we lived in a house with a converted basement. I was sitting down there, playing a game one afternoon when all of sudden it sounded like a water fall was coming into the basement. I looked over to where the sound was coming from and sure enough, coming from an area near the ceiling, there was water gushing into the basement. I ran upstairs and my dad was in the patio, frantically trying to get our above ground pool to stop pouring water over the top. I guess a side of the pool had broken and fallen over. I told him about the basement and he instructed me to shove towels up against the vent outside that led to the basement. Later I found out that the vent wasn’t supposed to just empty into the basement. There must have been a broken pipe that coincidentally happened about the sa